There is no stress with these out-of-this-world baby portraits

Tea Jo is a Croatian-based photographer and she is specialised in newborn photography. Tea is photographing a couple of days old babies in the most magical way ever. The sole tranquillity of the babies and the settings around them make these portraits so unique. Even if you’re not a parent and you do not resonate well with children, the portraits are just pure fluffiness, calmness and magic.

She started working on portraits while studying photography. At the time, the market was flooded with wedding photo services, but she has chosen the hard way to build a career. She found a whole new world of newborn photography online and after years of exploring and self-learning, she stumbled upon the work of Jade Gao. Jade’s work mesmerised Tea and she has finished her education under Jade’s mentorship. “That was the movie twist everyone is secretly waiting for,” she said for The Plaid Zebra.

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Tea Jo

I finished photography middle school in Zagreb. Fifteen years of experience are behind me, nine of which I worked with kids. I specialized newborn photography in London with one of the world best photographer in that field. Withal I continuously attend trainings and my knowledge grows from day to day.